My Background

My top five talents have been identified as achiever, competition, learner, input and individualization (Strengthfinders Talents Report). I continue to strive to cultivate these talents into strengths that I can utilize to add value to my family, friends, clients, and YOU! I played football at the collegiate level and then briefly in the NFL which fed my competitive nature. I had the great experience of working as a Franchise Consultant with Jimmy Johns, a Director of Sales at a Tech Startup and I am now leveraging that experience to partner with restaurant brands in creating customer experience measurement programs that help increase loyalty and drive business. I am passionate about reshaping the Sales Landscape between vendors and brands into win-win collaborations as well as Reading, Writing, Cooking and Eating almost anything, but mostly Steak, Kansas City BBQ, Emotional Intelligence, Social Engineering, Communication and Fitness. I enjoy meeting new people who are as well – please reach out!