EVERYONE has the same purpose

What is my purpose? What should I do with my life?

These are questions that I have spent a lot of time asking myself, reflecting on, and asking others. I wasn’t satisfied with any of the answers that others or myself came up with – until I fundamentally asked myself a different question.

I have found that many times in life I am trying to answer the wrong questions. Only once we start asking ourselves the right questions will we find the right answers.

I am going to make a bold statement that we all have the same purpose: to live as the best version of ourselves. Now, we can actually get to the question that matters: How do I fulfill my purpose? What path will fulfill my purpose?

You see, we have to reverse engineer the process. We must start with our end in mind (what do we want, and why) and then we can start to understand the path that will fulfill that purpose.

We all have the same purpose, which in my opinion is to live out your unique, specific, and individual definition of success. I tend to lean towards John Wooden’s definition which is below.

Success is peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you were capable.

So, now that we know what our purpose is, let’s start asking ourselves the correct question and define what success means to us.

– Be great, nothing else pays.

#LiveFree and #GodBless


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